Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sewing For My Grands

Grand Sewing!

I'm a bit behind (OK a lot behind) in getting this post done, but life gets in the way!

  In my Jan 1, 2018 post, I reviewed the garments that I helped my Granddaughter, Charly with a Y make.  She has her own YouTube channel, which she used to document some of our sewing antics. LOL! 

 We had sew so much fun together and of course created more great memories!
  Click on the link above to check out her YT channel and like and subscribe...she is almost at 100 subscribers!

After our days sewing together, she sent me a list and pictures of the rest of the items she wanted me to make for Black History Month.  And of course  her older Sister chimed and wanted a couple of pieces.  And no, I could not leave their Brother out!  All of that sewing was completed during the month of January - including keeping up with my customers' pieces and alterations!  There are a couple of pieces actually missing from this post, but I have to tell you that I had 3 very happy teens when all was said and done.   

All of the fabrics used are 100% cotton Ankara African prints.


This Is the big Sister, E'Zohn wearing the self -drafted skirt I made for her. It has an elastic gathered waist and a nice, long sash and pockets. You might remember this print from my previous blog...can't let fabric go to waste, right? 😁

This is Charly in her high low top she designed.  I self drafted it. The back was supposed to be a bit longer, but she used most of the fabric in December on her duster and pants.

I created a waistline casing and added 1/2 inch elastic and used 1/2 inch bias binding to finish it.  This was a "Make it Work" top!  I was quite pleased with this top, but more importantly, so was she! 

Here she is again wearing a high waist (I love  waistbands), gathered skirt, with pockets and a sash that was also self drafted.  I used french fuse interfacing in the waistband. I have more of this fabric left. What to do with it? LOL!  Ideas, ideas!

The big sister wearing a high low top that she requested.  Her idea came from a high low top I'd made for her Mom last summer. I surprised her by finding this vibrant print in her favorite colors - yellow and purple!

She thought I was going to make it from fabric from my stash (which would not have been those colors), but since I hadn't sewn for her in quite a while, I wanted it to be special.  She was quite surprised and loves it!

Playing around with the pattern placement (even on the sleeves) was fun!  The Peplums were made from drafted donut style circles.  I added an invisible zipper in the back. I love the outcome!

Charly sent me a picture of a top like this along with all the other pictures.

Her text said, "Hey, Grandma!  This is all the other stuff I want you to make for me.  Thanks, Grams" 
Be still my heart! How could I say no?  💞

This is one of those prints where you can decide which direction the print goes.  I quite like that bold "lightening bolt" going lengthwise for this piece - it added height to the garment and the wearer.  She says this one is her favorite piece! 

And for their Brother!

Adjustable Bow Ties with matching Pocket Squares!  I'd made several sets for my website, so he had a choice.  These are the 2 sets he chose!  Of course, by now I'm sure you recognize the fabrics!

Even though I am constantly working to grow my business, sewing through the month of January for my Grands was an absolute delight!

Do you sew for your Grandchildren?  Comment below to share your "Grand Sewing Adventures"

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