Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bright and Colorful Duster

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Bright and  Colorful Duster   

I know, I know!  This duster is quite colorful!  But what a fun print.  😎

This fabric is another peach skin print I purchased from Hancock 2014. My guess is that I bought it the same day I bought the black and white print I used to make the previous kimono! I think I was thinking of scarves when I bought this one as well.
It must have been a crazy print purchase day! LOL!

The print has just a bit of yellow in it and I thought it would be fun to wear with my yellow dress.
Click here to see the dress details.  

I hacked the same self-drafted pattern I used for the my acid washed duster that I made last fall.  Click here to see it! 

My hack was fairly simple...I cut the front of the duster back just enough to make it an open front duster, made the sleeves wider and squared the corners. 

Of course I print matched the shoulders and side seams!

I would have liked the sleeves to be a few inches longer, but alas...there was not enough fabric.  Remember...this fabric was originally destined for scarves! Ha! Not!

The duster was constructed entirely on my Juki MO 1000 Serger with a 4 thread setup.  After cutting, I completed it in about 2 hours from start to finish. Look at those bright colors!

I used a 3.0 stitch length to add the black 1/2" double folded bias binding that I purchase in bulk by the roll.
I also purchase white binding and red binding by the roll. 
No running to the store in the middle of a project. Who's got time for that?? Hahaha!

As you can see, I didn't use pins...OK...I used for each of the mitered corners.  I really like using flower head pins because they are long and very sharp.  But I recently saw Magic Pins which are heat resistant and have a comfortable grip. A couple of my friends bought them and love them! So, I'm going to purchase them and hopefully eliminate the need for including glass head pins in my stash.

When I got to the mitered corners, I used the tip of  That Purple Thang to ease the corner under the foot. I love that little tool, I use it for so many things!

I'm quite happy with the bias tape finish!

And then I wore it when I met up with my FaceBook friend, Sandy!  We've known each other for  about 3 years, but had never met.  She won the Brother 110 year anniversary contest, which included a trip to Florida for the Brother Sews Back to Business Convention, a new sewing machine and a class with Angela Wolf! 

We were SEW excited for her...her name was randomly drawn from over 25,000 entries!  Yep, I'd entered the contest, too.  But I can't think of any person who is more deserving!
She had a long layover in Chicago on the return trip, so I was able to meet and hang out with her and her hubby!  It was SEW wonderful to finally meet her...that was my prize!

Sandy asked me if I'd made the duster...of course I said, "YES"!  She should have known! LOL! 

I paired it with a peplum top and jeans! It felt quite comfy, but not too dressed down.

I think my next pairing will be with a pencil skirt!

I'm loving my duster makes!  And of course I'm loving wearing my makes!

Don't forget to watch for my upcoming virtual sewing classes!

I welcome your comments and questions and invite you to visit often for sewing tips and tricks!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Trial and Error of the PINK Challenge

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Pink Challenge

I love color and pink is just another of my color choices! 

So when the Sew Much Talent July Shades of Pink Challenge was announced, I knew I had a soft pink challis print and this bright pink poly crepe left over from a test garment in my stash. 
I chose to go bright!

I used view B of Butterick 6455 to create this fun top with these great sleeves.  I love cold shoulder tops (which I make a lot), and I like the look of off shoulder tops, just not on me. So when I saw this pattern, I thought of it a cross between the two...sort of a compromise. 
As much as I love statement sleeves, I didn't know if I'd really like these.  

But after much trial and error, I fell in love with everything about it!

It was a quick easy make, but due to my late night "tired" sewing, I created a few problems for myself.  

I cut the sleeves for view A instead of view B.  After adding the ruffle, the sleeves came to my knees! Hahahaha! It was hilarious looking!

So I cut the ruffle off and shortened the sleeves.  Problem solved, right? Nope! I then tried to add the piece I'd cut off the sleeve back to the sleeve as the ruffle! Well, of course that didn't work - the ruffle has to be larger to gather it, right?

Then I almost cut up the ruffle to do a test stitch.  My friends told me to stop and walk away.  So I had some watermelon, watched a TV show, then went back to it.  I was not giving up! 

I got the sleeves on and all I had left to do was to hem it. I usually mark my hemlines and press them in place.  Then I trim off the excess before finishing and hemming. Sounds like a good plan. right?

Well, I marked the fold line for the hem...but I cut it at the marks instead of folding and pressing on the marks! Now what, I thought! My top was going to be too short!  Ughhh! 

I'd wanted to make a 1 inch hem, but I had to go to plan B.  I ended up with a very narrow hem instead.  It worked, the length is perfect!

Like many sewists...I sew late at night. For comes from sewing in the corner of my parents's living room as a kid, so I wouldn't wake up my younger siblings (and so I could think and create without them running around).  Then later as a Mom, I sewed at night when my kiddos were young.  Some habits just don't die! 

But late night sewing mixed with being tired don't always mix!

Because of all the mistakes, I was angry with it (or myself)!  LOL! And because I was angry with it, I didn't like it.  

But the next day I tried it on with jeans and heels and pearls, and I fell in LOVE with it! I will definitely make it again...I'm thinking the next one will be view  D.  
Maybe with my pink challis print.

Moral of the story? 
Sewing late at night is fine, but not so much when it's late and you're tired!
And we all make mistakes.
Either way, don't give up and don't trash it.

Persevere and wear your creations with pride!

Yes! Another Duster

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase from these links, I may earn a small commiss...