Thursday, June 28, 2018

Godet Anyone?

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A triangular piece of material inserted in a dress, shirt, or glove to make it flared or for ornamentation.

Not only did I enjoy making this top, but I really enjoyed wearing it!  I wore this to a friend's 
surprise graduation party last weekend.  
I wish I could have worn higher heels, but age and aches prevents that more often than not! 😁

The pattern is Butterick 6248 and has a few variations to select from.
I've had this pattern for about a year or so.  I initially bought it to make view B with a super lightweight sweater knit, but still haven't decided what to do with that fabric. 

I ended up making view A because I've been stuck sewing in my dining room while roof repairs were being done.  I needed instant gratification! And I got it!  

I purchased this fun ITY print from Vogue Fabrics during an expo.  I have no idea which expo and as I went to several last year.  The pieces were sold in 2 yard pieces and I'm glad that I bought 2 pieces...4 yards.

                                                Can you believe I didn't hack it!  Hahahaha!

Check out that godet!
It extends from the back/waist to the hemline. For some reason, I always worry that I won't get the godet right, but in most cases I do.  Then I'm always surprised.  I have no idea why I worry!  They are so much fun once finished.😄

And of course, there was some print matching to do.  Although I'm not 100% happy with it (thanks to distractions during the layout), I think it turned out well overall.

I will definitely be wearing this top a lot and am already planning to make another one...maybe stripes or a floral with some sort of hack. 

What do you think?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Me Made May 2018

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I completed yet another challenge!  

So what is Me Made May 2018?
It's what I consider to be a rather loose Instagram challenge to wear something you've made. It didn't need to be made in May or even this year. It's just a way to remind yourself to wear what you make and take pride in your creations and skills.  

Each person made their own commitment. Mine was to wear at least 1 Me Made garment each week during the month of May. As you can see, I exceeded that with my 6 pieces! Ahhhh...yes...I'm a Type A personality!

If you're on Instagram, check out the hashtag #mmmay2018 to see all the wonderful makes.
Of course you can find me on Instagram @endless dzns by carrie.

Even though black and white are great spring colors, I made this in January as part of a Sew Your Stash challenge!

I hacked one of my my self-drafted tops by adding the flutter sleeves. Sew feminine! 
I love this top!

This was worn during week 4 of May. 

It's one of the 1st self-drafted tops I altered after the weight loss.

And it's still one of my favorites - mostly because of the super bright print!
I also love the hi/low draping.

And the journey through my Me Made May Garments continued with this Angela Wolf design that I made 2 years ago after winning the pattern. I made it almost immediately after the win and loved how easy and fast it was to make!

I especially love how beautifully the neckline lays. It was sew fun to make!
The fabric is a rayon knit that feels luxurious! Using my serger made it so much easier to complete!

This ITY knit top was originally a self-drafted maxi dress that I made last year. But after wearing it once and putting it on twice more, I decided it was not a print that I wanted to cover my entire body. LOL! So I cut it! It's so much better as a top!

I haven't yet decided what to do with the remaining fabric. But don't be surprised if it shows up as a sleeve or some kind of accent. 😉

This is a tunic length top I made during the Sew Your Stash challenge.
I love this asymmetrical neckline and will definitely make another one. 

The pink and black lace knit fabric used for the sleeves was initially purchased to make an over-sized cowl neck collar. I'm much happier with it as sleeves. 

And of course...
My yellow dress that I made for the May 19th Yellow Dress Breakout Conference!

I hacked (lengthened) one of my self drafted tops to create this dress.

  I used 2 spools of black embroidery thread as the top thread and normal polyester thread in the bobbin for top-stitching all the princess seams and hems.  I also top-stitched an asymmetrical design on the sleeves (not shown). 

I increased my stitch length to 3.5. It took several tests to get the effect I wanted.  But in the end I was quite pleased with the shine I got from the embroidery thread.  

I'm in love with this first Me Made dress of the season!  
I'm thinking to wear it later this week to my Grandson's 8th Grade Graduation. 

What was my take-away from this challenge?
It's pretty simple really...
It's quite OK to wear my favorite pieces repeatedly, while interjecting some of the not so tried and true pieces! 

I hope you've enjoyed walking through my Me Made May 2018 journey and that it inspires you to continue (or begin) making your own garments and to wear them with pride!

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