Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Long Bomber Jacket - Oh the Gold!

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This was not my last make of 2018 nor my 1st make of 2019, 
but it is my longest make...I think ever!

The good news is that I finished it in time to make my Make Nine 2018 list!

Even though I had many delays while working on it, it was an easy make!

The fabric is a quilted knit with gold thread.
  I purchased it from Joann's at the beginning of 2018, but had no idea what I would make.

Then I found a 2 yard remnant at Vogue Fabrics of this brown knit with...you guessed it - gold thread!

Then, boom!  The idea hit me!  
A Long Bomber Jacket!
I used Vogue 9275

So off I went on a zipper hunt which took a couple of weeks!

Some of my Facebook Group Members might remember my post about the zipper selection - even though I didn't tell them what I was making!

As you can see, I went with the darker zipper because I wanted the contrast!
And because the teeth were...you guessed it...GOLD!

I was thrilled when I remembered that I had some gold satin in my stash!  I was just enough for the lining! When I say "just enough"...there were only slivers left over after cutting it!  Whew!

My only hack was to use a zipper a few inches shorter than the pattern suggested.
I need to be able to walk, right? 😄

 Another reason it took longer than usual to finish it was because my primary sewing machine had to be repaired (oh the saga) and I was just not willing to trust my back up machines to complete the top-stitching...knit and satin...oh my!

By the the time my machine was repaired (that's another story for another time) I was involved in other projects...one being filming my Online Sewing Classes!

Once my machine was back home, I used my walking foot to join these 2 opposing fabrics together! That made it sew much easier!

I used the bag method to line it...there's the opening in the sleeve lining that was used to pull everything through!

Yep, I always finish my linings as well.
This one was serged.
                                                        Serged satin is a beautiful thing!

After the top-stitching was done...I had a fully constructed long bomber jacket!
I was SEW happy!

I usually shorten the sleeves of commercial patterns for myself, but with all the stops and starts of this project, I lost track.  I've made a note of it for the next one (yes, I'm going to make it again).

But I am NOT taking this one apart to fix them!  It just took too long to finish!  LOL!

I'm very happy with it!  I think the color is perfect for the chilly weather and it is surprisingly warm! And of course we can wear bits of gold any time of the year, right!  LOL!

Now to start my SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) for 2019!

Check out my sew sister, Anita Morris' Blog about sewing with a plan! In-fact check out her entire SWAP series!  It is quite insightful!

What are your sewing/crafting plans for this year? I'd love to hear about them!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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