Friday, March 13, 2020

Flutter Sleeves!

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This simple top became a bit of a challenge!

I'm really not a pastel kind of girl, but I fell in love with this beautiful 
double brushed poly knit print 
at the International Houston Quilt Festival in October 2019 when I spotted it at the SoSewEnglish booth.  

There was only one bundle left, so I tucked it under my arm as I continued to shop.  I didn't even know how much yardage it was!


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Right?

There was just enough for a simple top, which was perfect because that print needed to speak for itself!

I'd heard about this wonderful knit, but that was my 1st time seeing and touching it!
It is SEW soft!

  It's like wearing secret pajamas! 
It will also make wonderful luxurious feeling pajamas!

I used my TNT (Tried and True) pattern - Butterick 5954.  It's out of print now, but I found it here.  

You can see from some of my markings that I've hacked and used it multiple ways!
It's really time to preserve this pattern by fusing some inexpensive woven interfacing to the back of it! 

This time my hack was the sleeves.  I decided I wanted flutter sleeves for this floaty fabric!  

Did I say it it SEW soft!!!

My Kai Scissors worked magically on this fabric!

After ensuring that I had the dark blue flower placed the same way on each of the flutters, I discovered this cut in my fabric!!  


I have no idea how or when it happened!
Not only was I shocked, I was upset! I'd spent so much time making sure the flowers were placed nearly perfectly on the top as well as the sleeves!

I took a really deep breath and walked away! 

A word of advice: Don't sew when your'e frustrated, upset or tired!

After 2 days of thinking about it, I decided to mend the hole by hand.  

Because the back of the fabric is a bit "spongy" - I decided that hand stitching
was the way to go! 

 After stitching it, I steamed it and used my clapper on it.  It's not perfect, but it will be hidden in the flutter when I wear it!  So I'm kinda happy with the repair.

I did most of the construction on my Juki MO 1000 Serger.

I stabilized the neckline, sleeve hem and body hem with a strip 
of fusible tricot interfacing that I cut myself.  

Don't skip this step!

I was out of it, but you can also use fusible Dritz Stay Tape.

After adhering the strips of interfacing, I  serged the edges - then top stitched a 1/2" hem.

I used Dritz Clear Elastic on the shoulder seam (which I prefer for knits).

  Another step you don't want to skip!

 You don't want to do all the work of creating a beautiful garment only to have your shoulders losing shape and sagging!

I'm quite happy with this top...I might even forget about that cut in the flutter!  LOL!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase from these links, I may earn a small commiss...