Monday, April 15, 2019

Linda Faye - Sewing Community's Loss

Our own Linda Faye Lewis made her transition on April 11th. 
Linda inspired me and I know that she inspired many of you! 
Let's keep her family and friends in prayer! 
Below is the link to her obituary and service arrangements:

I never met Linda in person, but I communicated with her via Facebook messenger.  She was one of the admins of the Sew Much Talent Facebook Group.  Shortly after I joined the group I had a ton of questions about some of the activities and monthly challenges in the group.  Linda answered all of them with patience and grace!  

She did the same thing when I asked tech questions that had nothing to do with the group!  So sweet!
She inspired me with her sewing talents and her style, which was always so elegant!  I actually copied 2 of her dresses...with a little bit of hacking!

 This coat is just one more of her many creations! Wow!

She was also a great cook and called herself the Sewing Gourmet! 
She often shared recipes on her blog! 

She loved making aprons!

Linda conducted the very popular "Tops that Pop" sewing challenge and actually contacted me last year to encourage me to join the challenge. I was swamped and could not participate. But, I felt honored that she'd contacted me. I was looking forward to joining this year...but no...she's gone!
July 2018 was the 10th anniversary of her blog, Faye's Sewing Adventures! 10 years!  She was followed by so many!  I love her tag line at the head of her blog: A Co-Creator With Him! She loved God! 💗

My last contact with her was to check in because I knew she'd been ill.  She said that she was not fully recovered, and that it would be a long journey.  She thanked me for praying for her and asked me to keep the prayers coming!

We already miss her, but as Alethia Hudson, founder of the Sew Much Talent Facebook Group said, "We must take what they have shared and carry on their legacy!"

We have had 3 losses in the sewing community this year! And it has hit us hard! 
But, we need to follow Alethia's advice! 
Let's carry on their legacies!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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