Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Scrappy Tops

Hi all,

Welcome to my Blog, SEW CARRIE SEW and my 1st Blog Post!

I have recently discovered a new use for my scraps!  My Scrappy Top!  I love color and just could not bear to have the printed piece just sitting on my shelf.  It is actually left over from and over-sized failed top.  I was about 70 pounds heavier when I made the over sized top, but after seeing pics of myself in it - I knew it was the absolute wrong style for me then and now. LOL!

I"m pretty sure we've all been there - saw a pic of something we purchased or made and thought - "What was I thinking?" I know it's happened to me more than a few times.  Looks good in the mirror, but the pics tell a different story!

Well now, even if you can't save the garment, you can save the fabric!

I used one of my self-drafted tops and slashed the front starting at 10 inches from the underarm to the hemline. I then added seam allowances to each of the slashes.  I spent some time deciding where the print would land on the pieces, making sure to match my notches (including the sleeves). Once the layout was completed and cut out, I sewed the 2 front pieces together to recreate a full front piece. From there I constructed the top as normal. I added binding to the neck edge and sleeves and a narrow hem on the bottom.

                                                                        Back View

I welcome your comments and questions and invite you to visit often for sewing tips and tricks!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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