Monday, December 31, 2018

Final Makes of 2018 - One Top 3 Ways

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 Final 2018 Makes

I've had a ton of fun building up my wardrobe - with and without the challenges I participated in - as well as the garments that gave me pause - like my Pink Challenge Top did! LOL!  
Click here to check it out!

About These Tops!

All 3 of these tops were made using Simplicity 8529 with a few minor changes.  It is now one of my TNT (tried and true) patterns.  I love the slightly over-sized fit, the dropped shoulder as well as the over-sized push-up sleeves with cuffs.

I tend to only wear t-shirts around the house.  But because I have to go out sometimes, adding these pieces to my wardrobe is perfect!  I'll definitely be making a few more!

This 1st top is a 100% Cotton Ribbed Knit.  I purchased it for a different project, then held onto it for about a year.  When I saw this pattern, I immediately thought about this fabric! Because cotton ribbed knits usually shrink like crazy, I pre-washed it first.  Surprisingly, it did not shrink!  But it turned from off-white to this beautiful buttery yellow!  I love the color!

I made view B using my serger for the construction and my sewing machine for the finishes.

I hacked it by lengthening it, dropping the front neckline, making the finish of the side slits pretty narrow, and making the bottom hem 1 inch wide.  This is so comfy that it definitely qualifies for secret pajamas! 😎

Making this top with Red Stretch Velvet was SEW fun!

I chose view C, but after trying it on after the sleeves were in, I was not happy with that neckline!  It just did not look good on me!

I usually give designs a day or so before I alter them, but this was just not working!  So rather than fretting over it for days, I just started cutting away at the neckline until I got exactly the look I wanted.

This fabric was gifted to me last year, so I'm sew happy that I changed it, rather than relegating it to the back of the closet!

Please know that you can press velvet and stretch velvet.  My iron was set on cotton with steam (always test first).  I used a silk organza press cloth. I pressed - vs. ironing the fabric.  I pressed it lightly with a shot of steam!  In the areas I need crisp seams (like the splits and the hems, I used my clapper.

I used  Knit Stay Tape on the hem and side slits to stabilize them, which also gave them enough body to hang properly.

This clapper is Angela Wolfs new mini clapper!  I love using it for large and small areas!
You can purchase her clappers as well as anything else on her website for 15% off!  Just use the code CARRIE15 at check-out.  Make sure you use CAPS!  Click HERE to purchase!

My other hack was obviously the sleeves.  I cut the sleeves shorter and made the flounce by making a circle template with Medical pattern paper. I measured the circumference of the sleeve and determined how long I wanted the flounce.  Both circles were made with my 10 inch Clover 5 in 1 ruler.  I love this longer length ruler!

I did NOT cut the flounce open, I simply placed the sleeve in it - right sides together and stitched a 5/8 seam allowance with my serger.

To finish the sleeve hem, after serging I turned under a 5/8" hem and top-stitched it with a 3.2 stitch length.

I had sew much fun using stretch velvet that I had to use View B with this Blush Stretch Velvet which was left over from another project!  Scrap busting at it's best!! 😃  This was also constructed on my serger.

Believe it or not - I did not hack this one at all!  I love the sheen on it!

And yes!  I pressed it and used my clapper on it!  Yaaay!

Just like the red stretch velvet, I did not have any unwanted or strange looking impressions on this beautiful fabric!

I also used  Knit Stay Tape on the hem and side slits to stabilize them, which also gave them enough body to hang properly.

All of these tops can be dressed up or down! Jeans, skirts, heals, boots, booties, even over maxi dresses - just make 1 or 2 and go for it!

Now on to 2019 sewing!  What are your sewing/crafting plans for the New Year?

My sincere thanks to all of my followers, clients, subscribers, supporters, family and friends!  I wish each of you the very best in 2019 and beyond!!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Make Nine 2018 Challenge - I did it!

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The addiction continues! Another challenge completed!  
No surprise, right! 😄

The great thing about this challenge is that we were able to pre-select which pieces we'd make...and change our minds along the way! So I was able to make garments that I'd actually wear! 
This made it even more fun than some of the other challenges I've participated in! 

I will be scaling back on the number of challenges that I participate in for 2019.  This one will remain on my list. Although most are meant to help improve our sewing and tailoring skills, some are just not practical garments for my body type or lifestyle. 

 The pics are not posted in
any particular sewing or completion order!  
I hope you enjoying reading about them!

                                                                      Butterick 6248

This beautiful print was made late one night.  I'd purchased this ITY knit from Vogue Fabrics in 2017.  I enjoyed the challenge of matching the print.  And that godet in the back is just fun!  
My only hacks were to lengthen the front and to make the sleeves 3/4 length.

Simplicity 8377

This acid wash rayon mix fabric drove me a little bit crazy!  I spotted it in Joann's but was never able to find enough to make the duster I knew it was meant for!  When I finally spotted a bolt with enough fabric for a duster, I bought what was left on the bolt! Although is it not denim, it was sold with the denim fabrics, so I bought it when the denim fabric was on sale!  
I hacked it by altering the sleeves and added black bias binding!  Can't wait till spring or summer when I can wear it again!

McCalls 7542

This was made due to a bit of jealously!  LOL!
I'd made so many pieces for other people with this Kente print fabric that I decided it was time to use it to make something for myself! 
The fabric was purchased from LLD720 African Fabrics

Simplicity 1108

Sew, sew fun to make and wear!  This border print had been in my stash for several years.
I really enjoyed working on the placement of the print! 
The semi-circular band posed somewhat of a problem for my brain, but I just slowed down and carefully followed the instructions and paid attention to how it was attached in the photos.  
Although I wasn't sure how the print placement would work, I was more than thrilled with the final outcome!

McCall's 7622

This dress was made as part of a challenge!  I was inspired by a great sewist and blogger: Linda Fay Lewis.  I added cold  shoulders and changed the sleeves to bell sleeves.  I've since shortened it by a few inches - and I'm even happier with it!
The black and white sheer duster I am wearing with is a self-drafted pattern!  Check here to read my blog post about it!

Vogue 9275

This one took a while to complete! The fabric is a quilted knit with gold thread.  I purchased it from Joann's at the beginning of the year, but had no idea what I would make.  Then I found a 2 yard remnant at Vogue Fabrics. It's a brown knit guessed it - gold thread!  Then, boom!  The idea hit me!  A Long Bomber Jacket - with a gold satin lining from from my stash!  My only hack was to use a shorter zipper than the pattern suggested.  It took longer than usual because my sewing machine had to be repaired and I was just not willing to trust my back up machines to complete the top-stitching...knit and satin...oh my!
Sew, I waited until my machine was repaired, but by then I was involved in other being my Online Sewing Classes!  There is always time to register for stand alone classes or my membership program!

Butterick 5954

Sometimes I sew for trips I'm taking!  Ok...I sew for most trips I take!
  No idea why I that, but I do!
I made this black top with stretch crepe to wear at the Houston International Quilt Fest in November where I had the honor and pleasure of working with Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden.
This fabric is a glorious fabric to work with and wear and it travels well!  It has great drape and great recovery.  I noticed that another sewist added buttons to prevent the front flap from flying open and revealing her "secrets".  So I opted to do the same thing.  I found the cute heart shaped buttons at Joann's.  I'm glad I added the buttons - it made it even more comfy to wear!
I love the hi/low effect! I can see wearing it with a pencil skirt!

Simplicity 8529

This was such a quick make that I've made 3 of them.
 I didn't hack this one, but I've hacked the other two!  
They will show up in a later blog post.
This fabric is a ribbed knit that I purchased last year for a totally different project.  When I decided to make this top, I knew I had to pre-wash the fabric, because 100% cotton ribbed knits usually shrink like crazy.  This one did not shrink, but it turned from off-white to this buttery yellow.
I love the "new" color!

Simplicity 1108

Yes!  I made it again!  This time I used a very sheer sweater knit that I've had in my stash for many years...mainly because I couldn't decide what to do with it!  I finally reminded my self that "it's just fabric"!

It was much too sheer to support the band that the pattern called for and it would not have supported any interfacing.  So I decided to try some fleece binding! It worked beautifully!  
I love how airy it is and that it can be dressed up or down with a dress or jeans or skinny jeans.

Simplicity 8553

The striped ribbed knit fabric was gifted to me...and I loved how it matched the solid ponte from my stash! I hacked the shape of sleeves a bit.  And yes, it has pockets! I have not yet worn it, but it will easily work with a dress, skirt or jeans!

Simplicity 8377

I love how versatile this patterns is!  This is another "make to travel" piece.  And my new bias binding addiction is evident! But I sew loved how it turned out in this active-wear knit, that I could not bring myself to wear it on the plane!  It was just too nice to put it through the hassle of the airport or plane.  
It went to the Houston International Quilt Fest in my luggage!
I'm happily wearing it on the last day fest in the bottom photo! 

 Simplicity 8377

  Last, but definitely not least!  
This is a peach skin fabric from my stash from the long gone Hancock's Fabric!  This print required print matching...I'm very happy with the outcome! And yes...more bias binding...this one was navy!  I chose to hack the sleeves to make them more of a kimono style.
 All those colors on top of the navy base makes this a fun piece to wear!

I've worn it at least 5 times since I made it...including on Grandparents' Day and to a meet up with my friend Sandy!

Are you planning to participate in any sewing/crafting challenges this year?
Let me know by commenting below!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Grandma Made It! Hi-Low Skirt!

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Hi/Low Skirt!  Grandma Made It!

My daughter is usually the one sending me pics of garments to make for her, but this time it was her oldest who sent me a photo and said, "Grandma, can you make this for me, please"!

How could I resist!  So many of us Grandparents don't get to see our older Grandchildren as often as we'd like - because their busy lives get in the way!

But I am blessed to have Grandchildren who call me often and invite me to various events! I also feel blessed that they actually want to wear something that I've made!

These pics were taken at her recent senior photo shoot!
Yes, she's a budding model!  

I made her hi-low skirt using an Ankara Kente print that I purchased from LLD720 African Fabrics
It is a self drafted skirt - using half circles as my template.  I added an invisible zipper in the back and in-seam side pockets.  
Pockets!  We all need pockets! 

I just completed a bonus pocket class for those who have purchased the 6 month membership program for my online classes.  
Memberships and stand-alone courses are still available!  
The 3rd class will be posted in January!

She and I mulled over adding horsehair braid to the hem, but in the end we decided against it.  The hem is a narrow hem...oh the circle hemming!  LOL!
Once I saw these photos, I knew we'd made the right decision!

The top is a RTW.

 This was her Instagram post after she received the skirt!
 Gotta love the expressions of thanks...especially when it's posted for all to see! 💗

            I'm quite pleased with how this turned out!  We did measurements fittings!
                 I finished it and shipped it to her!  She called and said it was a perfect fit!

 You might remember this 2 piece dress I made for her prom!  Yep!  Another Ankara print!  
And yes!  It has pockets, too!

I'm happy with the skirt, but more importantly, I'm very proud of this young lady! 💓

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sometimes You Just Have to Try!

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Another kimono make from my stash! 

I purchased this sweater knit from Hancock Fabrics many moons ago and used it to slightly hacked

As you can see it is very sheer!  So sheer that when I pulled it out to finally decide what to make with it, I didn't realize that it was folded in half.  So when I opened it up fully, it was even sheerer (is that a word? 😃) than I thought!

I've styled it here with my tent/swing/trapeze dress! Click here to see the details of the dress!

This was a fun, quick make!  I constructed it entirely on my serger...then had to consider my options for finishing the edges!  The pattern called for a wide band, but I knew the fabric would not support it, nor could I successfully interface it.

I considered using packaged cotton binding (due to my current binding addiction, I have tons of it).  But I felt that it would be to heavy and pull on the kimono.  

The it hit me...I've had fleece binding in my stash for years! 

If it's fleece added to a sweater knit, that should work, right?  
I had no clue, but decided to try it anyway!

It worked!
The fleece binding was not too heavy, the two fabrics played nice together and it framed my duster beautifully!

And I love what happened with the sleeves!  They ended up with a sort of bell shape!
 I could have prevented that effect, but I decided to let the fabric combos work it out!

Isn't it interesting - amazing really - how different fabrics have different looks!  
This kimono is from the same pattern as the kimono below.  But notice the attached band!

Check this one out here!  
It was a trial of a different sort...I wanted to see if I liked the silhouette on me!
I love it! 
And I really love the way both fabrics drape!

I also paired it with a peplum top, pants and boots!  It's a fun casual look!

I have obviously fallen in love with kimonos and dusters!
You will be seeing more on my blog, soon! 

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sweater Hack!

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Sweater Hack!

If you know anything about my sewing style,
you know that I love a great pattern hack! 

This time I hacked Butterick 6244! I found a medium weight navy sweater knit at Joann's a few weeks before I went to the Houston International Quilt Festival last month.  Due to the changing weather in Chicago, I knew I needed something warm to wear while traveling - and I did not want to lug a full coat!

I was looking for denim for a totally different garment!  But when I saw this fabric, I forgot about the denim, because I knew this sweater knit would be perfect for transitioning from the Chicago cold to the cold aircraft to Houston (which was not as warm as it was last year).  The waterfall front was perfect for wrapping myself in this warm knit!

The pattern is designed to be longer in the front than in the back (a look I don't like for myself).  Sew... I reversed it and made the back longer and made it curved it vs. leaving it straight.  I love the resulting feminine look of the back!

I also hacked the waterfall shape of the front - I wanted soft edges vs sharp angles! I jokingly told the ladies in my FaceBook Group that I did 8000 fittings.  It certainly felt like that, but I am more than happy with the front shaping!

Now that all the fittings are done - I now have a new pattern that I can make again.  Oh yes, I make and keep copies of most of my hacks!

I completed most of the construction on my serger.  I set my differential feed to 2.0 for the entire construction.  Even though my current compulsion is bias binding finishes, I finished the edges on the serger by decreasing the stitch length - that gave the edges full coverage.  I opted to turn the sleeves up 3/4" and top-stitched them.

I think this is a very versatile piece! It can be dressed up or down!  And it is now one of my staple pieces! I received quite a few compliments in both the O'hare and Houston Airports! A Supervisor at the Houston Airport has actually commissioned me to make one for her!

A young design student in the Houston airport asked me to take it off so she could see the inside...I happily obliged!  She REALLY examined it!  I enjoyed watching her turn it inside and out and back inside again.  The entire time she was examining it, I could not help but think of what I often say to my students and other sewists...our me-made garments need to look as good on the inside as they do on the outside!

 Are you making cardigans or dusters this season?  My next Online Sewing Course will be a cardigan - which can be lengthened to a duster...with pockets! It will be available this month.  You can purchase the stand alone course or you can opt to purchase the 6 month membership, which includes all 6 courses regardless of when you join!

My classes include bonus videos for those who purchase the membership program.  This month the bonus videos will be about pockets...with a free pattern!

Happy Endless Sewing!

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Yes! Another Duster

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