Saturday, March 17, 2018

Matching Accessories

Sew Matchy, Matchy!
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I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've only just realized that I've been walking around with all of my non-matching accessories that I pull out when I'm stopped by people who ask what else I make!  LOL!

I've had cork accessories, red and black and an assortment of other color accessories!  Who would get excited about that menagerie and want to place an order!  LOL!

So I finally took some time to make a batch of MATCHING accessories for myself! The fabric is another African waxed print.  This one has a very high sheen which made it perfect for me.  Did I tell you that I like color! This color combo is perfect for Spring.

All of these items were made "In The Hoop" on my embroidery machine.  The designs are from Embroidery Garden and are created and digitized by my friend and the owner, Reen Wilcoxson.  Her designs come with complete step by step instructions that includes color photos of each step.

Her newest bag is my new favorite - the Double Zip Organizer Bag!  Each zipper has a full length pocket!  So very useful! This one and the Zippered Bag are a little over 7.5"x11.5"!  I can get quite a few items in them. Sometimes I use this size as a "grab and go" bag - I don't always need a big purse or tote bag for a store run or pizza run. 😄

And yes!  That is a real glass mirror!  Check out my FaceBook business page to view the short video of the mirror being stitched.  This 3 inch mirror and case are perfect for evenings out!  Variations of this little set will be going on my website soon!  Any of these items can be ordered...just by contacting me.😊

These are all perfect for daily use, together or separate. They are also perfect for travel! This is the 3rd Luggage Handle Wrap I've used while traveling, and it has not been lost!  I will definitely be able to identify my bag with this bright, cheerful wrap as it comes around the carousel!  Yaaay!

And how often do you dig around in your bag or briefcase looking for your headset or chargers!  The Device Cord Wraps completely solves that problem! Everyone that I've made them for loves them!

I plan to make a new tote bag for all my new accessories. It will likely be a bit toned down, mostly because I used all of this print!  LOL!

Not sure if I will use one of my own patterns or a new pattern that I've been eyeing. But since I'm traveling soon, I need to get it done!

What accessories do you make? 

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This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase from these links, I may earn a small commiss...