Monday, October 2, 2017

Ankara Coat of Many Colors

 Ankara/African Print Coat/Duster 

This very colorful Ankara/African Print Coat/Duster was my last "make" for National Sewing Month!

I entered it into an African Print Challenge!
I'm loving these challenges.
I learn sew much with each entry!

I had much fun and a few challenges putting this "puzzle" together. I really had to pay attention to the direction of the print on this Ankara/African fabric for each piece...even the band...I wanted to be sure the black side showed when I wear it... not the printed side. I tried it on more than I usually do to get it right!

* I hacked McCall's 6844 -
* This pattern is designed for fabric is a woven...I had to make several adjustments to the flounce to make it fit properly. 
* I lengthened the jacket about 15 inches
* Just before I started construction, I decided to add side-seam pockets
* I also cut the sleeves short and added a flounce and lined them with the print fabric. After all, this is the year of the sleeve!
* I finished the side seams and sleeves with a Hong Kong finish - another element I decided on during construction

* I finished the hem with black bias binding - I really didn't want the suggested narrow hem to be seen and I love that the bias tape brings all of the black accents together.

Someone called her my
Magical Wizard Sewing Cloak!

 What would you call her?
  I think she needs a name!

 As always, please feel to free to leave your comments/questions below!

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