Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer UFO

Summer UFO

I found this year-old self-drafted UFO in my sewing room as I was moving to the larger space (I think I can call it a studio now). 😊 Because it was from a year ago, I needed to alter the side seams - then I only needed to attach the sleeves and finish the hems. It was a quick project and I was able to wear it the next day!

The fabric is a semi-sheer polyester with a bit of spandex in it. I don't remember where I purchased it, but it may have been part of my Hancock's Fabric stash (who has since gone out of business).

This top is perfect for these last days of summer!

The hems (neckline, bottom and sleeves) were finished with a narrow hem. I really wanted to finish the neckline with fold-over elastic, but out of all the colors I have, I don't have white or this tealish color! Sigh!

Moving on...
To make the narrow hem: 

I serged the edges first with a 4 thread set up.

Then I folded the edge along the serged stitches and ironed the seam - the serged edge rolls over beautifully and eliminates measuring. We all love that, don't we? 😊  By the way, I love using my clapper to hold those folds in place.

I then folded the edge once again - and of course pressed again - and used my clapper.

The last step was to top stitch. You want to top stitch from the "top" of the garment (right side). I can do so by feeling for the edge to start, then using the guides on my face plate to keep it straight as I sew.

If you need to, you can mark your stitch line - just make sure your marking tool of choice is removable, I like Flexion pens,but recently tried and like this pen by Maderia, which I purchased here:

And Tada! I was done with my UFO!  Who doesn't like quick, easy projects! ❤

I hope this helps you to understand one of the many ways your garments can be finished - and that you are inspired to finish those UFOs.

Happy Endless Sewing!

Don't forget that September is National Sewing Month! I'd love to hear about your sewing adventures!

     I welcome your comments and questions and invite you to visit often for sewing tips and tricks!

Coming soon: Online Sewing Classes

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