Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chiffon Duster Re-Fashion

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Chiffon Duster Re-Fashion

I purchased this chiffon print to make a duster.

Keep reading to see how and why I re-fashioned it!

Then I read about the @Sewcialists Mini Challenge.
Yes! I still love sewing challenges! 😍
  We had 4 days to complete the challenge.  The only requirement was that it contained one of the colors of their logo.

We went to their blog to spin the "color wheel".  The color you landed on was to be present in whatever you made. I happened to land on coral, but it happened to be the only exception.
We could use RED instead!
With that spin, I was all in!

So I pulled out my fabric (which happened to have all of the allowed colors) and made this self-drafted duster! I posted it on Instagram with the hashtag #sewcialists just in the nick of time!
I love the shirt-tail hemline.  
But...after it hung around a few days, I realized it needed more structure and that I probably wouldn't wear it as it was.  I was not 100% happy with it.

I really couldn't decide how I'd "fix" it...until this new #alteritaugust challenge hosted by @sewnorth surfaced!
And...the "fix" also fits the Sew Much Talent Facebook group August Re-fashion and Alteration Challenge!  
I love it when I can sew one garment that works for more than one challenge! 😉

I looked through my stash for this RED linen blend that I've had for much too long.

It was as perfect a match as I thought it would be! It was also the perfect weight for my re-fashion plan.

Ummm...I forgot to finish the edges before I washed it! But all was well!

I had to put some thought into how I wanted to add the RED front and sleeve bands to my duster.  Did I want to unpick the narrow hems (Which would take forever) or did I want to cut the hem off? 
My rotary cutter and I decided to cut it off very carefully.  

I chose not to interface the bands, because I was already happy with the weight of the fabric.  
I sewed the new front and sleeve bands on, then serged the seam allowance.

 I now have a new and improved duster that I am 1000% happy with and love to wear!
It is no longer flimsy and inexpensive looking!

The center back originally had gathers at the neckline.  When I refashioned it, I decided that those gathers should be changed to an inverted pleat. 
Sew Much Better!

I'm thinking my favorite black dress would look great with it!  
But my leggings and skinny jeans look great, too! 

I love what the weight of the linen did to this duster.  
It gave it structure - which allows it to hang well when I'm moving!

I love the air and flow this gets! 

I believe I can fly! 


                                                   What you altering or refashioning?

Photo Cred: @karbearbozeman

Happy Endless Sewing!

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